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deck the malls with bows of holly

Run-DMC lay claim to the two greatest Christmas rap songs of all time. "Christmas In Hollis" is the undisputed #1. #2 is:

Run-DMC - "Christmas Is" [Amazon]

To Sam Flanagan: taking this entire song and adding a couple of quick edits of "Frosty The Snowman" does not a mash-up remix make.


who said it was a mash up.......me?

he he he....merry christmas

very clever.......who said it was a remix tho.... come on i did it for a laugh because i was asked to....I thinks its rubbish.....you should listen to my other stuff tho....this one is my best http://www.thecellarbar.com/audio/beastiecutup.mp3

Not really a fan of throwing every overused song into a mash-up. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" should be banned from all of them. But I will give you that it's on beat, which is much better than most.

If you want a "Ch-Check It Out" remix here's the DOP version. We don't use clean version acapellas.

oooh...you big girl..."We don't use clean version acapellas"...the only pella you could get when it came out was a clean one tho......yeah its good but a bit repetative.......still good tho.....who are you anyway DOP.....and how come my bootlegs anyways end up on these blog things......

"you big girl" = funny.

And I don't care how played out the "Teen Spirit" part is, you will never fail to get me dancing like Ed Lover when the "900 Number" beat comes on.

Sip the juice, cause I got enough to go around.

Maybe the clean vs. dirty has to do with US vs UK? I used the US promo at the top. Although I seem to remember the mp3 floating around and it was the clean version.

Who is DOP?

yeah could be a us/uk thing...think i got the mp3 pella about a month before it came out but i cant quiet remember.....nice talkin to you tho......might just play your version this friday/sat when iam djing.

What are you using that allows you to DJ with mp3s? CDJ's? Rane Serato? Stanton Final Scratch? I'm still rocking it old school with just 2 turntables.

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