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Bob Power is in the house.

You're probably going to want to just skim this engineering and production-heavy four part Q&A. Scan for artist names and Native Tongue references and you'll get the juice. The thickest goodness can be found in part three.

Time to hunt down some MC Watchout. Get to work, DOP.


MC Watchout now goes by Devin The Dude. The one and only MC Watchout record we want to track down is Blind Man's Bluff.

O-Dub did a post a couple weeks ago that had the "I Be Blowin'"/"I Am I Be" sample. It also had the Axelrod "Midnight In A Perfect World" sample. One of the bests posts he's done in a while. Looks like they're both gone now. Give the word and I'll post them.

I'm pretty sure this guy is not blind. D the D = MC Watchout must have been an urban legend.

I still find a number of places saying that MC Watchout is Devin the Dude. The confusion may have resulted from the first group Devin was in called Odd Squad. One of the members was a rapper/produced named Rob Quest who is blind. Regardless, "Blind Man's Bluff" is still the track you want to watch eBay for.

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