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A cute little baaaby.

So the biggest standout by far on this Invite Them Up four-disc extravaganza?

A.D. Miles. And here's the track.

This guy is gooooood. Wow do I want more. So he was in Wet Hot American Summer, but I can't find any other substantive web presence. Bobby Tisdale says he's his best friend, but part of the fun of Bobby Tisdale is hearing him best friend in everyone who performs! From the above stand-up bit, I picture him as a kind of Rat Pack-y nerd mixemup -- but his WHAS look landed decidedly on the "nerd" part of that equation. Hilarious stuff though, boy.

Next up in terms of bringing the funny is Aziz Ansari. After seven months of reading the Apiary pimp this youngster, it was nice to finally hear some of his material. He's official. The real deal. He will make you laugh hard. Don't miss the classic M.I.A. bit: "For me? Right here? Is awesome." Guy's obviously schooled in the good rap music, so it's nice to hear that influence the comedy.

Finally, after seeing him perform as as a monologist during my week as a UCB groupie last spring, it's a delight to hear Tisdale's hosting banter. A Special Thingers will whine all day about Dane Cook being too much of a spaz, but Tisdale is the ultimate form of over-the-top cheerleading. And it's infectious. He's by far my favorite Kermit thee Frog-esque gay-drawlin' Carolinian comic.


Ansari sounds like a cross between a non-stoned Mitch Hedberg and MC Chris.

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