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You got your banjo in my hip-hop.

banjo.jpgPrince Paul & Newkirk - Showdown at the Hoedown
This is a new song. No vocals, so I'm not sure what Don's role was. Anyone know what he did besides cameo on Prince Paul productions? Anyone ever confirm if Newkirk is in fact, dun dun dunnnn, Prince Paul himself?

Mr. Lif - Farmhand
This is an old song. Lif released this back in '99 when Grand Royal was still trying to hang in there.

In other banJO news, Bob Dylan wanted to put mandolin and, wait for it, banjo on the Beastie Boy classic No Sleep Til Brooklyn. Hear more about that, Wu-bangers, P. Doodle Dandy, and Yauch's House of Prosthetics on this promo interview thingy for some greatest hits waste. At this point Beastie Boys should forgo their recording career and continue honing their improvisational interview skills. That's where their remaining potential lies these days.

That picture up there has nothing to do with anything in the textual guts here. But you know. Martin and Muppets and banjo, so you gotta use it when you can.


I do not believe that Don Newkirk is Prince Paul in disguise. Don Newkirk actually played keys on Talkin' All That Jazz. He's also a member of The Dix. I doubt Prince Paul would try and playoff an alias as a production credit from 17 years ago or as another alias of a fake group.

The Dix track is specifically for Dr. Red Duke

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