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What ith your query? #003:

So I don't have to waste my weekly Ask.Mefi question on this, do any of you know how far back this phrase goes?:

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Most folks say Dodgeball. Turns out it at least goes back to Austin Powers: Goldmember. When I tried on justcurio.us, someone gave me Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. I haven't been able to verify that one.

If you break it down, it's got a nice developmental hook: "I just threw up" works as a simple mini-gross reaction. But the recent (?) addition of the "a little bit" specificity and locational "in my mouth" gives it a tasty Farrelly-esque bit of observational juice. The problem is that it's become completely played out. I was kinda disappointed to hear Poehler adlib it in on Conan last month. But it got me thinking.

Any of you yahoos know? If not, look for #004 to document what the Ask.Mefites can scrounge up. I'm hoping it goes back to like 1939.


I saw that Comedians Of Comedy movie on Showtime over the holiday. Good stuff. Better than the TV show.

it's funny. my grandmother was fond of saying this whenever she threw up in her mouth a little bit. she's 93. so technically, that gets it back to around 1912. no doubt she got it from her parents who were famous in the mid-atlantic region for a little traveling husband and wife act the performed on the subject.

Legendary act. Paul Provenza was telling me about them the other day.

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