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Prince Paul won't you please give Tom Hanks a haircut?

gross.jpgI guess it's for next year's Da Vinci Code movie, but man does Mr. Hanks look greasley these days (these images from the movie also kinda show it, but he was in full-force nasty on Larry David's Earth to America thing and Steve Martin's Mark Twain thing). In the upcoming Spielberg adaptation of the recent best seller, Hanks plays a cautious woman named Mona Lisa.


Man, that Earth To America show was worthless. Steve Martin on banjo is always entertaining, and Larry David's prick vs. schmuck was great, but the rest was boring. I saw Ray Romano do that exact say Vegas routine 10 years.

Funny timing on this post. I was in Vegas all last week and wandered over to Caesar's Palace and saw amongst plenty of gawking onlookers (myself included) Mr. Martin, Mr. Hanks, his lovely wife Rita and striking woman whom I was informed by my colleague was Faith Hill. Also, some other guy was there.

Tom (that's what I called him by the end of the night) was barely recognizable. Long hair, dark sunglasses and a ball cap. Would never have known it was him if I hadn't first recognized his wife. They were sitting around playing blackjack at a low stakes ($15) table. None of them ever played more than $25 a hand.

And here they are now on our site. Serendipity.

Oh, also I saw wee man. He was on wee crutches. I guess he hurt his wee leg.

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