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I put the imp in improv.

"It's floating around out there. We really need to track down this script." - x-amount, 10/26/05.

In Herc's recent AICN Studio 7 60 on the Sunset Strip FAQ, he cites some actors said to be auditioning for this thing, including James Urbaniak. JU confirms this on his online newsletter -- pre- and post-audition.

Okay then. Here's what Urbaniak and The Others are getting:

Sides by character(s): Cal / Danny / Dylan / Harriet / Jack / Jamie / Jerry / Karen / Martha / Marylyn / Matt / Ricky & Ron / Simon & Tom / Wes / Wilson

If you prefer the pieced-together deal with some missing pages (1-2, 6-9, 19-20, 57-58, 62-64, 71-END), here it is. Fill in the gaps with your own positively Sorkinesque dialogue.


According to Ausiello this is shaping up to be a reunion of the cast of The Whole Nine/Ten Yards:

Sources confirm that Sorkin has approached... former Friend Matthew Perry to headline Studio 7 on the Sunset Strip. I'm also hearing that Sorkin has put feelers out to a big-name female to play the show's co-lead. (Hint: She shares the same first name as a legendary Melrose Place vixen, and her last name rhymes with "heat.")

Question: Any casting news/update on Aaron Sorkin's NBC drama Studio 7 (Ask Ausiello 12/7)? — Matt

Ausiello: Yes, there's been a major development. Sources confirm that Matthew Perry passed on playing the male lead and the role has gone to former Wingsman Steven Weber. I understand Sorkin was also pursuing Bradley Whitford, but he was tied up with his West Wing duties. Oh, and Amanda Peet turned down the female lead. Not sure who they're going after now.

Question: Do you happen to have the poop on why Matthew Perry passed on Studio 7? I mean, could I be more disappointed? — Brian

Ausiello: You and me both, Brian. I'm holding out hope that maybe, just maybe, he'll change his mind and take the gig. And it's certainly possible that he will — especially since, as I now understand it, Steven Weber isn't actually replacing Perry on the show but is playing another role altogether. Short-story-short: The Perry part is still up for grabs.

Update on the now-untitled new Sorkin hottness:

Matt = Matthew Perry
Simon = D.L. Hughley
Jack = Steven Weber

Dear Sorkin and Schlamme,



Casting update via AICN:

Matt Albie, new "Studio 60" head writer: MATTHEW PERRY
Danny Moore, new "Studio 60" showrunner: STILL UNCAST
Wes Mendel, exiled "Studio 60" creator: STILL UNCAST
Harriet Hayes, "Studio 60" star: STILL UNCAST
Tom Jeter, "Studio 60" star: NATHAN CORDDRY ("The Daily Show")
Simon Stiles, "Studio 60" star: D.L. HUGHLEY

Wilson White, UBS corporate overlord: STILL UNCAST
Jack Rudolph, UBS chairman: STEVEN WEBER
Jordan McDeere, UBS president: AMANDA PEET

Jerry Jones, "Studio 60" censor: Michael Stuhlbarg (Broadway’s "The Pillowman")
Ron Oswald, "Studio 60" hack: EVAN HANDLER (“Sex and the City”)
Ricky Beck, "Studio 60" hack: CARLOS JACOTT ("Fun With Dick and Jane" -- Omar note: Jacott was also in the pre-SQUID Baumbach films and Whit Stillman's excellent THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO).

Joss Whedon fans will note that Jacott is a Mutant Enemy fave, having played key roles in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" 3.1 ("Anne"), "Angel" 1.7 ("The Bachelor Party"), and the two-hour "Firefly" pilot ("Serenity").

Dear Sorkin and Schlamme,

Wes =



Danny Moore: Bradley Whitford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harriet Hayes: Miss Isringhausen!!!!!!!!!!!

Added the Marylyn and Karen sides + pages 18 and 37 to the pieced-together deal.

Wes Mendel = Judd Hirsch

Filming of the pilot started last week.

Lorne Michaels is not a Recidivism patron.

THURSDAY, NBC 2006-2007:

8-8:30 p.m. "My Name Is Earl" (new time)
8:30-9 p.m. "The Office" (new time)
10-11 p.m. "ER"/("THE BLACK DONNELLYS" in January 2007)

Fun 30 Rock tidbit that Sorkin needs to bite for Studio 60 (otherwise I'll end up using it on my '07 series: 90 Miami Blvd, Soundstage 120):

"Also on NBC.com will be actual sketches from Tina Fey's new faux sketch comedy show featured in her new sitcom '30 Rock.' On the broadcast, viewers will see the sketches only briefly."

NBC shifted it to Mondays at 10 p.m.

I just fainted:

LG + Sorkin.

"I [heart] Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It isn't necessarily the best TV show ever. But I can't think of another show with a greater disparity between a) how good it is and b) how much it is dismissed by the smart-seeming people who tell us which TV shows are good, and why. What I most love about the show is its audio track: It is as dense, fast-paced, and jargony as the audio track for Sorkin's West Wing, but since I usually watch Studio 60 on my iPod, I can actually hear what's being said, and understand most of it. It is like listening to a really good radio play. I fear that NBC may cancel Studio 60. If so, I hope Aaron Sorkin will at least let us all tap into his brain for a daily podcast." -- Stephen J. Dubner, co-author, Freakonomics in Slate

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