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In the December issue of Esquire, London-based graw-feet-tee-awtist Banksy is named Artist of the Year. If you ever see him, kick him in the bollocks! Until then, read the AotY piece.

My theory: Banksy is actually JT LeRoy.


Great Bansky piece. Great image reveal.

Banksy is awesome...and that article fits him exactly. I hate the dude and he is my hero at the same time. I'm still left with "Who is Banksy" and at the same time I get the answere "I am Bansky"

Thought you might find this site useful..

Oh my God, that's so cute, The way you just draw on stuff and think about yourself all the time.

Ironically, everyone is talking about it.

the true Existencilism is alway a to rebel in that they question every and nothing but there full of shit

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