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The men working the platform were thrilled! [screenshot since I can't link to the intranet-based source.]

In other somewhat related news, rest assured that there will be no underwear relief efforts for Stacy Wilson and the women caught up in that mall shooting last week. Due to their split-second store selection, they've got it covered.


TACOMA, Washington (AP) -- Local shopper caught up in latest TERROR SCARE and gets early start on shopping season.

Stacy Wilson was running for her life as a gunman opened fire at the Tacoma mall, but luckily found safety -- and a great sale on thongs.

"If not for this maniac, I would have totally missed out," said Wilson of her Victoria's Secret stash, while eating a large cinnabon and a sipping a chai tea latte.

Retail analysts also added a positive spin: "I think this shows that consumers will not be deterred as we enter the holiday season," said Zach Bamford, senior retail analyst for GloboChem. Bamford also noted that the continuing threat of terror could boost sales.

"When faced with violent death, consumers are more vulnerable to an effective salesperson," said Bamford "It gives new meaning to the term 'Black Friday'."

Apple store owner Tom Wurster agreed.

"I have a friend from Thailand that looks kind of Middle-Eastern," said Wurster. "I may just hire him to run around and see what happens. Our accessory sales have been a bit soft lately."

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