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Tom Shillue Recovers From Tiger Attack, Performs In Monkeytown

I wasn't even trying to verify our good friend Tom Shillue's 2AM story about having "just [come] from one" of those fantasy clubs that are way, way too far from Atlanta -- when I stumbled across proof over in Peretti-ville. And holy fun times, fellow SHAC-er and most magnetic of any of the Stella neighbors Andrea Rosenrosen hosted this night of storytelling.

Note: Our mid-90s Babyfat (loved pre-Ultra prefix. hardcore.) crush Shonali Bhowmik was apparently not there. Also note that the SL on this post contains both "Tiger" and "Monkey" in it and was crafted as a play on the previously discussed Shilluefreid and Roy slam and was in no way consciously influenced by Shonali's new band name. My brain just rules and is even better at crafting clever connections than me is all.

Still: We live in the completely wrong city.

[This post might as well have been brought to you by The Apiary.]

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