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Primitive bookmarking.


Great stuff. I did this once about 6 years ago --I hid the Spinanes' Strand disc at that Cumberland Disc Go Round because I did not have my plastic on hand and only had a 5-spot. I retrieved it after work. Of course, this makes no sense because I could have just had the clerk (that bearded guy who, I think, used to buy like 3,000 obscure hip-hop discs from x-amount, essentially bankrupting the store) hold it for me and something tells me that the kids were not swooping in for a Spinanes disc. Still fun to think that they were.

Looking for Strand are you? Ha ha! Good luck with THAT. What's that? You looked it up on that rickety computer and it came up? It's in "Rock", eh? Nope. It's nestled safely between the 17 Moby discs in the "Electronic" section. No Spinanes for you!

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