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just your favorite DJ savior

Shadow's been dropping some guest production here and there lately. There was a track off the Lyrics Born remix album and a remix of the UK band Keane. Both were OK, but nothing great. Then he did a track off the new Cage album. Jello Biafra also guests and does a horrible George Bush impersonation. So I found the instrumental to the track and edited out Jello.

Grand 'Ol Party Crash (Edit)
here's the original too if you want to hear it: Grand 'Ol Party Crash (w/Jello Biafra) [Amazon]

Then last week a Shadow produced track called 3 Freaks by Keak Da Sneak featuring Turf Talk appears. I guess they're some Bay Area rappers that you wouldn't think Shadow would associate with. Either way, the breakdown at the end is great. Play it loud and the rapping doesn't matter.


The dance style is beyond played out, so I wish the chorus was different. But whatever. The track is nice. Turf Talk's "Do the Robot" is over here.

I also like the Pashmina track.

3 freaks + Spike = "4 Freaks", the slightly busier remix.

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