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Eddy Gordo.

Here's you some of that Dane Cook fella. I dove into his catalog with a fair bit of resistance -- his facebook/myspace/standupster origin story had me fearing he'd be a bit too fratboy genericomedy. And I still have yet to actually see him perform; I've just listened to an album and a half.

But he's funny. Nothing groundbreaking, but I laughed on and off throughout the hour and a half or so of material I've heard so far. He's definitely got a few enunciation and vocabulary tricks that push him over the edge and into really good: a little bit of the Brian Regan crispness with some Jables flair mixed in. Aurally (again, no visuals save the EW stills), he's a perfect mashup of Marky Mark as Dirk Diggler crossed with Jeffery P. Corcoran. That should garner a listen or two, no?

[UPDATE: He's an acrobat, and he steals material from Louis C.K. Not so hot. We're supposed to hate him after all.]


good stuff. shards of pelvis.

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