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Don't subscribe to nerdvii-iiiiille.

Here's is an outdated post just in time for you to care more about video podcasts (I'll hit the highlights there soon enough). Audio podcasts are largely the suck. But I've got a few that I like.

My favorite is by a NY standup called Tom Shillue. He weaves slow, meandering tales that fill a commute with laughter and introspection. Pretty much just laughter. I think this one works because it's not so much a traditional podcast with people playing dress-up radio as it is an opportunity for him to just shoot out an occasional chunk of his stage material. I wish more standups were doing this. And I hope T. Shillue checks his site stats and reads this, because check out what I'm about to say: he looks like a total goober. I'm glad I listened to his standup before I saw him posing minus the white tiger.

Every once in a while when I'm in the mood for the magic of movies, I'll check out Cinecast. I don't go to movies anymore so it's nice to hear people talk about them. They do fun top five lists (top 5 buddy movies, top 5 overrated movies, top 5 movies featuring blacks, etc.). Bonus: one of the dudes sounds exactly like Survivor's Rob Cesternino.

Anyone remember Star Wars? It had some robots and monkees. I've been known to put on my pants and listen to TheForce.net's extravaganza.

Don't waste your time with the stupid Arrested Development show summaries. Just give me snippets from the show proper and I'll be happy.

Do waste your time with the Jerk Boy Lite-isms of the Z100 Morning Zoo's Phone Taps! They call people and prank them! And the people they call have short fuses and are all Sopranos or otherwise from New Jersey. Note: my sarcastic enthusiasm is meant to hide the fact that I actually listen to and enjoy these.

And finally, get your SNOOT on!


Hey guys- that is the funniest slam I have ever gotten. How dorky is that picture on my site? No, I'm serious- I want to quantify how dorky it is.
I need some feedback to send to my web guy, with whom I have a running argument.
Be brutal if you must- but also defend that photo if you feel it is warranted.
Also- keep listening to the podcast regardless.

Awww, you found it. Hope you found the dis more funny than slammy. But here's the rest of the story:

I'd gone podcast hunting in the iTunes and had done a search for stand-up comedy (I've found that nothing eats away at a commute better than some good funny business). Up popped your deal and a few others. Most of these “comedy” podcasts were the horribleness (hi, Amanda Egge), but yours. Yours! The first one I heard was the one that started out about the freezy headaches and the Google searching and I was all “whoah! This guy is out there doing it up! Telling comedy stories that are of the moment and good!” I assumed that I’d somehow iTunestumbled my way into some undiscovered Uncabaret/Largo-esque hive of newness. (Fun side note: I was in my car at this intersection when I first laughed out loud.) So I get home and Google up “Tom Shillue” and what the? No no, this isn’t the guy. This guy is wearing a shirt of the finest silks and is lounging about on a stark white stage and is smirking at me like he just related an observation about the portion size of airplane food. This isn’t some up-and comer trolling around in the grimey NYC alt.comedy clubs (that most likely exist more in my fantasies than in actuality.)

If my TiVo ever grabs that Comedy Central show or you ever work your way down to Atlanta’s Punchline, I have no idea what I’m in for. But now I know to expect your slacks to be pressed!

Yes- those clubs exist... I just came from one.
Anyway, thanks for listening. My CC special should be on before long- put SHILLUE in your wish list in the old TiVo.

Be well,

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