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Angelic/demonic is the new fast/slow.

Did someone say they wanted to try out some Norwegian Christian Metal? Cause I thought I heard that.

Extol - Essence.

The chorus on this thing is beautiful. The rest will likely annoy most of you. Some of you will be okay with all of it.

Mad, phat beats and comedy jokes will resume shortly, unless I put up one of the winners from the new Stryper record.


Great song. Next time your spelunking around for Euro metal, grab Children of Bodom's (Finnish labelmates of Extol) "Needled 24/7" from their album Hate Crew Deathroll. No Extol-y, rave-up chorus on that that one, but glorious riffage/speed. I'm also hearing great things about the latest Opeth album, but I'm sure you've read up on that via your subscriptions to Revolver, Kerrang!, and Metal Hammer.

And apparently the new Exodus record brings the 80s thrash BIG TIME.

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