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New York Post, don't brag and boast.

I remember back before the big blogging hexplosion I'd send Red goofy stories and links (Live Your Dreams!) from places like the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. And Red'd be all "Yeah, right. Like you're really sitting around reading the Seattle Post-Intelligencer." I'd respond with silence. And then he'd turn into angry, frustrated Red and blurt out "SERIOUSLY, where do you find this crap?!" And I'd just tell him that I really did spent large chunks of my day reading various web-enabled local newspapers. I certainly didn't just pick the juicy business from The Obscure Store and Reading Room (ha ha. joke's up! a winner is you!).

And but so yeah, the main reason I know about this upcoming Public Enemy comic book is because I spend large chunks of my day perusing Glyphs: The Language of the Black Comics Community.


You have given me this gift at my own expense. Bravo Mr. Amount. Even a victory is mark in my loss column.

"I've wanted to do this series since 1987 when I got their first album, Yo Bum Rush the Show and I heard Chuck rapping about Namor and Thor."