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Lance pants.

drds_boss.jpgFrom: Omar
Date: Sep 27, 2005 7:47 PM
Subject: The Wit and Wisdom of Thomas Sizemore.
To: x-amount

"I don't like to watch women pee that much, but I'd rather do that than bomb Iraq." --Tom Sizemore, in a clip from his upcoming "sex tape".

I was gonna throw this on the GH, but I figured the nuns at DRD's nunnery would read it while peering over his shoulder and he'd get beat with a ruler until he bled.

The clip I saw is a bizarre mixture of goofiness and NATURAL BORN KILLERS-y menace. The above quote is the main pull of note. I did also chuckle when Tom tested out one prostitute's vibrator on his testicles (through some spandex shorts -- for some reason, Tom is frequently dressed as though he was a participant in the Tour de France.)

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