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It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a Chinese whore.

A couple of things. Burt Reynolds/Turd Ferguson was clearly the funniest recurring character in the series. Hammond's Connery was amusing (and the source of the hilarious category misreadings), but the fact that Hammond played his SNL career so incredibly boringly safe means that he got to keep his wacky Connery going longer than the fired-for-no-funny Macdonald. Also, it's kinda weird that this skit has become such a CollegeHumor phenomenon considering the CollegeHumorKing Ferrell essentially plays the straight man for the whole series.

And on second Google, maybe it is the Reynolds that sucks in the college kids? I always assumed it was the big-audience-reaction-receiving Connery. Who knows. Go do your research papers, comedy majors.

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