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Guam with yo' bad self.

This guy must be removed from the Internet. Why does he insist on using that middle name all up in his business. He's gonna break my clean and clear Google traceability with that crap. I've got "a few words" for YOU, Michael Teague: Just be Michael Teague. Anonymous, one of many, Michael Teague. If you gotta funk it up, at least go Alex P. Keaton on us. But quit putting that middle name right next to that last name like you use it or something. And also, born in 1973? What is he trying to pull? Next up: a webful of "siblings" with personal "websites" and blogs. JERK.


welcome to the world of polluted google search names. I'm most often a environmental biologist, preacher or seattle-based dj when searched for.

I can't believe you still look up your own name on Google.

"Still." As if vain curiosity has an expiration date. Cultivate / mediate / try not to hate / on your nameplate.

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