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Crap. Really?

189. (9 September) Everybody Hates Chris, 1.1 **

I was all set to pop the DVD in tonight. What's up with all this advance word then?


Your homeboy is watching The Comeback and giving it ***. I don't know that he can be trusted.

It's watered-down Chris Rock in a family sitcom form. It is funny, but not hilarious. Let me put it this way, it's not going to stop me from watching Survivor or Alias.

I also saw the first episode of My Name Is Earl. That one is quite funny. It's getting a season pass.

On the Thrusday at 8pm tip, this is my last week of The O.C.

I almost went **1/2 and probably would on a rewatching. Watered-down Rock in sitcom form is pretty much the deal here. The advance word is largely due to the fact that most of the new shows are complete garbage, so a decent entry like ROCK is declared "the best new sitcom on television" as if that is high praise.

THE COMEBACK is pretty good. My s1 average is sub-***.

Heard EARL is good for the first 10 minutes and then tanks. I'm developing a show for Jason Lee where he skateboards and listens to the Cocteau Twins/Sigur Ros/Radiohead/etc. for 30 minutes.

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