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The Gravy on your Ken Lay entrée

(CBS) Friday, July 8, at 8 p.m. ET/PT
Ken Lay, the man who built Enron, gives his first network television interview since the scandal broke. Plus, the married mother of two who will pilot the space shuttle Discovery talks to Dan Rather. And, a psychologist unlocks the secrets of why we buy what we buy.

While the line up sounds appropriately spellbinding for Friday night news magazine programming, what this innocuous description of this Friday's 60 Minutes II fails to mention is that the secret-unlocking psychologist will be unlocking secrets for me and my TurboChef marketing colleagues. 60 Minutes tracked along with this guy as he worked with us to develop key aspects of our brand position for our upcoming residential offering. While I likely will get little or no camera time - unless I am seen briefly as I keenly dissect the thoughts of consumers and their innermost secrets behind focus-group glass - they do interview my boss Steve and a few other execs to get their perspective on what they think about this guy and his unusual approach.

I have no idea how the piece will unfold or how much attention will be placed on us. But, kinda neat nonetheless. And probably the closest I'll ever get to exposure on a syndicated news program on a major network. Hopefully it will be a gee-whiz piece instead of an exposé. But you never know. Irregardless, feel free to TIVO.

I hope it doesn't turn out like this .

By the way, when they interviewed Steve in the classic 60 minutes "black box" they had a dossier on hime that included everything from his tax records from 1992 to his high school transcripts. So don't think that permanaent record can't come back to bite you in the ass. I'm looking at you, Chamberlain.

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