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Set adrift on a wicker chair.

Did anyone else catch PM Dawn on Hit Me Baby One More Time last night? What the eff was up with Prince Be? He was like half-blind, half 90 years old.


More like, what the eff was up with them winning? Although, that was the worst week yet of HMBOMT.

Maybe Prince Be is still feeling the effects of that beatdown KRS-One gave him in '92.

I'm amazed at how well some of these drummers are able to recreate classic breaks. Such precision!

Everyone updates the hairstyles and clothes for 2005, but they still feel the need to stick a fake band behind the rappers. It kills me, yet I somehow long for it at the same time.

And while we're talking about HMBOMT, how awesome was Wang Chung's cover of "Hot In Herre" a few weeks ago.

P.M. Dawn! Set adrift in Milobowski's basement.

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