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That QV guy sure is watching some crap telly this summer. At least he dug up a clip from that Extras show!


Ha ha. I should just put on my trucker hat and dig into the KIDS IN THE HALL season 3 set. Actually, I started watching the NEWSRADIO s1/s2 set (I only saw a few episodes of this show during its run, which makes no sense considering this is a show that features Dick/Foley/Root/Tierney/Hartman/etc. And apparently Lauren Graham has an arc in s3?) so perhaps Dave Foley can be my summer tv balm. What's the deal with NEWSRADIO? My memory of the critical consensus is that it continues to improve through the first few seasons and then maybe there was some post-Phil (replaced by Lovitz, yes?) drop-off? Fact-check-cuz-me-up on that.

Lovitz, yes. And that was pretty much the News Radio cycle. Keep an eye out for Grand Royal mag #2 in the background.

I am currently watching the Sports Night complete set. I read a rumor that the DVDs are actually the slightly edited syndicated versions. Anyone know if that's true?

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