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Right after ring tones and the Coconut Bangers Ball CD.

Actual real-life Goulet business from this last week's New Yorker:

goulet.jpgGoulet isn’t sure what he’ll do after his run in “La Cage aux Folles” ends, in January. He would like to get his own room in Las Vegas again, and he hopes someday to win an Academy Award. But, at the moment, he feels grateful for his long career and his good fortune, and he would like to give something back, by teaching. “I’m going to put out a voice-development course, on CD—ten bucks extra for video,” he said. “ ‘Do you want to have a stronger, richer, more powerful voice?’ Something like that. goulet.jpgI’ll do the commercials, at least in North America. We can sell it in Mexico and Central and South America, with a guy like Banderas. But I’m not sure if China would even be interested in it. I just don’t know—I mean, with the way they speak.” Goulet scrunched up his eyes and spoke rapid gibberish in a high-pitched nasal singsong, then added, “Japan would probably be the same thing.”

goulet.jpgGoulet said that his course would be aimed at “everyone from nineteen to ninety-three,” though he hoped that it would be of particular benefit to the elderly. (“They spend too much time slumped in front of the TV.”) If there is one lesson that Goulet hopes to convey, he said, it is “No screaming, yelling, or shouting—we must be kind to our cords.”

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