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La Rock and We Don't Got Nothin' to Mock.

[Pre-emptive notice to DOP: this post does not contain "actual songs." Pretty much just the SL is about all you can count on in terms of extractable enjoyment. And maybe the tank chess thing.]


Holy moly. There's this song "La Rock 01" on the new Vitalic record OK Cowboy. Apparently the song's been around for a couple of years and was like an electro anthem for a minute when it came out. Man, oh man. I don't know if you have to have the lone dancing Asian girl from MJQ (or Stephanie getting down to the Chemical Brothers) in your head for this song, but it sure doesn't hurt. It starts off as a basic thumpy thumpy thing for a minute or two and then the song is transformed into crazy awesomeness with this super simplistic thing: an upward pitch bend. Oh, but that pitch bending. It makes your stomach turn. It's brilliant. It makes me feel like I'm Clint Eastwood trying to remember the right Russian phrase to pull my Firefox out of a tailspin. And then I remember that Russian phrase and blast off. And then I realize I'm still driving home from work and I've been punching the roof of my car in time for the past couple of minutes.

I'm still working on the rest of the record, but a good third or so has clicked for keeps so far. It's getting great reviews, but I know that most of you aren't trying to hear some dance record that isn't Basement Jaxx or whatnot with the lyrics and the singing and the actual songs. This particular review is worth a read even if you don't care about the record -- maybe Don Henley can try to take on Clint Eastwood at some point.


I'm not even going to get into it with you about the "actual songs" remark. Only to say I want to like the Caribou but it sounds like an instrumental of a good Badly Drawn Boy song to me. As in, interesting to hear, but give me something to sing along to. Your dance music is another realm entirely. I can beep my horn to that. Oh and I was really hoping for some T La Rock with that SL.

Ahhh ... complete Steph/unknown-Asian flashback goodness. I almost got Ok Cowboy, based on the pitchfork review, for my drive to the parents' and back this weekend. Sounds like I should have ...

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