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In honor of this, our 60th Recidivism.org post (huzzah!), what say we switch up the ol' subhead. Seeing as how some of us check the site regularly during our work day and seeing as how some or, in my own case for instance, many of our departmental collegues are women who may happen to pass by and glance at our screen and, upon reading Recidivism's somewhat provacitive to the uninitiated (albeit hilarious to us) subhead, wonder or even ask directly, "Umm...what is that site about?" And then we might have to awkwardly stumble through an explanation of said subhead, placing great emphasis on the comedic merits of The Office which really must be seen to understand and yet, inevitably, has been seen by NO ONE in our offices other than ourselves. Hence, said explanation may fall short of a suitable response to the "curious" party's inquiry, leaving what can only be described as palpable awkwardness hanging around one's workspace.

So I ask, given this "hypothetical" situation, for consideration, knowing full well that do so also invites the subhead to grow larger, bolder and ever more noticeable. What say you all?


I suggest my favorite new line from Deadwood: "Yeah, I’m gonna be Queen Hooker."

I've made it so you all can change this up as you see fit and proper for Red's working environment. Weblog config, preferences tab. Don't mess with the other stuff cause you'll break things. Rebuild the whole site when it prompts you to.

Ahhh yes, much better.

Perhaps instead of wussifying the subhead, we just get the good doctor one of these for his Recidivism reading sessions. After all ...

rape > flowers

The perfect gadget. But if everyone used that thing we'd never see the hilarious and ubiquitous mouse-click window minimizing scramble.

Oh, and doctor? Go ahead and get on this for the next time Daniel stops by for a visit ...

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