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Amy Poehler's mom smells of lilacs and comedy.

So I get to the UCB theater (thanks to shillak's on-the-fly over-the-phone Google mapping), collect my ticket at will call, and proceed to the second row of the dinkiest, tiniest, smaller than Whole World theater ever. There's like a total of 5 rows of seats and the stage is about the size of Mixed Nut's living room. To my right, four seats are blocked off with tape and a handwritten sign that says "Amy Poehler - (4)." Oh man.

So the show's just about to start and all the seats have been filled except for the Poehler seats and so I figure well, she's had a three week run of new SNL eps (sorry, APL) that ended last night -- she must be exhausted and not showing up tonight and she's called her friends and they're not showing up either.

And then old people arrive! Old people! The seats are otherwise filled with comedy hipster types. Young ones! So. Old people: could there be a better sign? The two women sit next to me and their husbands sit on the other side of them. Next thing I know the woman to my right starts telling the other woman that "Will isn't in town" and she's "not sure when Amy's going to get to see him again." I'm sitting next to Amy Poehler's mom. Unreal.

poehler-myers.jpgThe show starts and Amy and Matt Walsh come out. Amy's about the size of Red's Amy. Like to a tee. Miniature woman. The rest of the cast comes out: some Second City woman that looks familiar, a gap-tooth-y guy that I've seen on Conan, some other UCBers, and Seth Myers. Too bizarre. Seth's normal-sized.

Amy and Matt basically run the show and it's hilarious and impossible to translate here, but that's all beside the point anyway. At intermission I tell Amy's mom that her daughter is hilarious. She's super nice and smiley and happy and basically a blond, old, riched-up Amy Poehler. She asks me if I saw the show last night and I told her that I'd Tivo'd it but hadn't watched it yet. Her friend chimed in that Amy was hilarious. I asked if Amy did the Kaetlin character (since I'd seen a promo spot during The Apprentice with her circling Tom Brady in Kaetlin get-up). She said she had and that Tom Brady was "so great! Of course we loved seeing Tom Brady since we're such big Patriot fans." Sure! Why not! I'm a big Patriot fan too while we're at it!

Then I went dumb fan-struck and asked Amy's mom how she made Amy so funny because I wanted to raise my sons to be that funny and she didn't hear me and then I had to repeat it and realize during the repetition that I was saying the dumbest thing in the world. She was nice though and basically said that if she ever found out what she did, she'd pass it on. I'm a moron!

The second half of the show was more of the funny and since we'd bonded over our children during the intermission, Amy's mom and I did the look at each other and laugh at the funny stuff where we're both into it and we so love everything that Amy does thing. That was fun and inclusively crazy weird.

moron-poehler.jpgThe show was over and I met her dad and then Amy came out and I tried to get out of the way since her parents were there to see her, but when Amy told them that she'd see them after the next show (two in a night!), I kinda hung back and waited for Amy to walk back to the backstage entrance. Then I pounced and asked her if I could get a picture with her and had to humple way over to get my enormous head in the shot and took the picture in the like complete dark and then showed us the picture. It, as you can see, came out totally crappy and I said something sarcastic like "it looks just like us, it's perfect!" and she said "well, we'll always have our memories of it." Yep.


New York City (AP - ha ha) --

Renowned Internet scribe [deleted] (The E, The Partially-Detached Index Finger, mid-90s video game/hip-hop newsgroup rants) joins Amy Poehler (Envy) in Adam McKay's The Blair Witch Project 3. First still circulates Sunday night. Developing....


Tom Brady was so "not great". Pretty great: circa-'75 Glick/Lorne (Forte!) action.

humple way over to poehler. sweet.

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